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On Sunday, February 24, JCCA Bukharian Teen Lounge and HIAS Young Leaders joined together in a one–of–akind cultural exploration. JCCA\'s group consisted of Bukharian Teen ACTION members, a service learning initiative sponsored by DYCD and interns of the Bukharian Jewish Museum.

HIAS Young Leaders are professionals in their 20\'s and 30\'s who are either immigrants themselves or are passionate about immigrant issues.

The day began at the JCCA's Bukharian Teen Lounge in Forest Hills. HIAS Young Leaders shared true stories of several immigrants who were helped by HIAS. Then everyone took turns introducing themselves and their path to America. It was inspiring to see how diverse this circle of friends was. There were Jews from Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Israel, and the US. What all these people had in common was the strong Jewish identity and pride in their heritage.

The group walked to a near–by restaurant Damikelle Corner to taste the flavors of traditional Bukharian food. JCCA teens were excited to show off the delicacies of their cuisine and were happy to explain the ingredients and names of dishes. After the meal, teens taught their guests some dance moves as well.

Filled with shurpa, kebabs, gushtgija, palov, and salads, the group took the subway to the Bukharian Jewish Museum that is located on the sixth floor of Queens Gymnasia. Our museum interns have spent eight sessions studying with the museum director Aron Aronov who created this hidden jewel. This unique internship was sponsored by UJA Federation through the Jewish Social Action Month grant. Mr. Aronov and his assistant Imanuel Rybakov passed on some of the knowledge of the Bukharian Jews to this new generation and they were eager to share it with their HIAS guests. The teens changed into traditional dress and guided the guests through the museum. They were coached by Imanuel Rybakov.

The bonds were strengthened once again and the two agencies are looking forward to partnering for more exciting occasions in the future.

If you you do not want to miss out on our future events or want your child to take part in exciting learning opportunities, send us an email or give us a call!

Adi Beinhert, Coordinator,
HIAS Young Leaders
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Phone: 212–613–1303
Zhanna Beyl, Coordinator,
JCCA\'s Bukharian Teen Services
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Phone: 914–424–3406

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