“Ахдут” собирает друзей
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Более ста юношей и девушек, представителей молодежной организации “Ахдут”, провели совместный пикник, тем самым отметив День независимости США.

Three youth groups and one mega–event — a summer picnic for all Bukharian youth! It occurred on Sunday, June 4th, 2006, in Hempstead Park and was organized by three youth groups: The Association of Bukharian Jewish Youth of the USA “ACHDUT–UNITY” with BJEWS.COM and BOOJLE.COM. The coordinated resources of three youth groups towards a common goal illustrate a true unity in our community. Below is a description of this event by one of its participants.

“There it is! I see all the Bukharian faces it’s got to be the picnic” I said as we drove through the picnic area to find a place to park the car. “Who is going to be there aside from our group?” asked my husband. “I am sure we will find many familiar faces from High School or College.” I responded.

As we walked over to the picnic area the smell of greenery combined with kebab, sounds of chatter and laughter, sight of smiling faces invigorated all senses and created a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Then the sign “Third Annual Bukharian Picnic” went up.

“This is our third annual picnic,” I heard some say with pride. “We are glad to be here. We are glad to bring together our community. We take pride in who we are,” was the energy floating throughout.

The picnic started with games requiring least physical activity. On one side old friends were meeting again. The women were standing smiling, hugging and talking in excitement about their recent developments in life while reminiscing about their past friendships. They were showing off their boyfriends, fiancйs, husbands and little children. The men, on the other hand, were sitting with cards and poker games at their hands, having thoughtful and serious faces.

On the other side the tension was on. Women were on their feet, chopping and peeling vegetables, creating colorful and tasty salads. The men were carrying ice to keep the beer, vodka, water and sodas chilled. The cubed marinated pieces of meat and chicken were placed on sticks and meeting the heated charcoal. A huge pot was filling up with water, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes and meaty bones to create the classic Central Asian soup, “Shurpa”. The waiters were rushing to fill the tables with breads, salads, drinks, plates and utensils.

“The food is ready,” announced one of the committee members. That simple statement spread more joy and energy. All of those standing sat and all of those playing games created snapping sounds as they closed the board games and put them away. Much excitement of meeting old friends, conversations and fresh air worked up an appetite in everyone. The tables became filled with large plates of kebab which were emptied within minutes and refilled within the next to keep everyone full and happy.

“oh” “mmm” “wow” “delicious” “tasty,” “yum, yum” were the words heard all over.

The food was absolutely scrumptious. However, after all that delicious food there was only one thing to do — get up and work it off. At that time the volleyball net was put up and the ball flew in the air. The field quickly filled with people and the game proceeded. The excitement and energy were only growing.

Hours of activity on the field reworked the appetite and the picnic committee only accommodated. Soup and watermelon were served. “Wow, who made that soup. Could he be my personal chef,” I heard some say. “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind hiring him either. This is the best soup I ever had,” others responded.

I would like to thank all those who organized this event. Meeting old friends, spending time with family outdoors amongst the greenery with delectable foods and various games was a well spent Sunday in June. For all of you salivating as you are reading go ahead and join our organization or don’t forget to participate in our next picnic. Log on to BJews.com, Boojle.com or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

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