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Question: Dear rabbi, How can I avoid doubts about G–d? Sometimes when so many things go wrong and life seems really pointless to live is it normal to question G–d?

Answer: BS«D

The only way to avoid doubts about Hashem (G–d) is by delving more and more into the Torah. When a person is able to open their mind to absorb everything out there, you will find yourself agreeing 100% that there is a G–d and that He, and ONLY He, is the One KING of the world and universe (and everything above and below)!

Your question is not new and has been dealt with by many — including Rabbis, philosophers, and the like. Even Moshe Rabbenu (our master and teacher) asked to understand the »ways« of Gd. (Why do good things happen to bad people, and why do bad things happen to good people).

You have to understand and accept that Hashem is past, present, & future. He is infinite. He is NOT a thing or being! What might seem »wrong« in our eyes — is very calculated and correct in Hashem\'s »eyes.« We, as humans, lack that understanding. We are finite and limited in our brains and understanding.

We must truly believe that EVERYTHING that Hashem does is good — and for the very best!

It\'s like walking into the middle of a movie and questioning what\'s going on? Everything doesn\'t seem right?

However, one who has seen the movie form beginning to end — will fully understand what is going on and why.

This (bad) example is a simple way of looking at it. Hashem is the Creator of this world. He has been here thru it all. Hashem rules this world with »measure for measure.\" We must truly believe, trust, and try to understand that everything is for a reason — a good reason!

Sometimes things seem unfair. However, do we really know what will be if things were different? Can we really and honestly trick ourselves into thinking that if I would have decreed — things would be different?

We have to have Emunah (trust and belief) in Hashem\'s ways. This is a test for us to help us reach our potential and goal in life.

Don\'t give up. Life is truly good and worth living — once we are already here. Everyone has a reason and goal to reach. It would be a shame to just end it or throw away the opportunity to strive and reach higher Spiritual heights possible by the feeble human body.

Be strong in your faith — and don\'t falter. The Jewish path is true and everlasting. Learn more and ask questions!

Here is a link to a very touching short movie as to the heights people can reach — and the understanding they can gain if they just look for it.

All the best!!!

Rabbi Refael RIBACOFF
Executive Director —
Sha\'arei Zion Ohel
Bracha Institutions

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