Chief rabbi of Shchunat Habucharim
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Rabbi Avraham Aminoff, among the founders and the first chairman of the Bucharim neighborhood in Jerusalem, was remarkably diligent in his Torah study.On account of his diligence, he was called, «Rabbi Avraham Talmudi.»


He was born in Bukhara in the year 5614 (1854) in family of Beniamin and Siporo Aminoff, and had three brothers — David, Isak, and Haim.His mother Siporo was granddaughter of famous rabbi Yosef Momon Maaravi (1742– 1823). Already at a young age Avraham Aminoff earned distinction for his talents and longing for Torah, and he began learning in the yeshivah of his grandfather Rabbi Pinhos Mulo Niyoz Pinhasov (Pinhas–haKatan) and with Rabbi Yehoshua Shushan in Bukhara.

Before his thirtieth birthday he relocated to Samarqand to teach Torah there. His stay in Samarqand did not last long.Six years later he moved to Eretz Israel and settled in Jerusalem.

Recognizing his brilliance and talent, the people appointed him Chief Rabbi of the Bukharian community.Together with his colleagues, Rabbi Shimon Hacham, Rabbi Yossef Chujahinoff, Rabbi Shalamo Musayof and others, he founded the Bucharim neighborhood (Shchunat haBucharim) and was chairman of the community council.He founded and became Rosh Yeshivah of the «Benei Zion» Torah school in Jerusalem and published sacred works, including the «Hok Le'Yisrael» Humashim with vowels, and the work of halachah, «Likutei Dinim» which was edited by Rabbi Shimon Hacham and which he translated into the Bukharian language in order to grant everyone access to the halachot.

He did not stop, however, with the publication of books — he traveled six times to Bukhara in order to publicize the works! He also grabbed onto the pillar of kindness. He would give money to the poor and compassionately see to the assistance of orphans and widows.He brought merit to the masses in spirituality and assisted them physically, as a loyal and devoted leader.

With the outbreak of the First World War, Jerusalem suffered bitterly from a shortage of food. Rabbi Avraham came to the aid of his community and secured food and support by his having earned the favor of the otherwise hostile Turkish authorities.Revered and beloved, he passed away on the ninth of Shevat, 5699 (1939), and he is buried on the Mount of Olives cemetery.

A street in the Bucharan neighborhood, Rechov Avraham haTalmudi, was named in his memory.

Rav Aminoff was one of the Pillars of Honor of the Bucharim community.


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