Significant changes throughout the jewish community of New York
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«As proud Bukharians, we can make a unique impact for the Jewish community. Everything we do makes a difference,» said Leah Yagudayev, a senior at Machon Academy.

Over the past two decades, a great deal of change has taken place throughout the Jewish community of New York. Of major significance is the growth of the Bukharian Jewish community, which has developed strong roots throughout Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

A new mantle of leadership has begun to be passed on to the Bukharian Jewish community. It is, therefore, important that we also continue to plan for the future in providing opportunities for young people to begin to accept various roles of leadership for their community.

Bearing this in mind, Rabbi Avrohom Hecht brought over 30 Bukharian Jewish young women from Machon Academy in Briarwood to Albany, the State Capitol, for a two–day leadership development trip.

«We understand that we have a greater responsibility upon ourselves to make a difference in the Jewish community,» said Miriam Koyenova.

The Machon students were able to meet NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn, Assemblyman Michael Gianaris, State Senator Shirley Huntley, and Assemblyman Alan Maisel. Elected officials listened to the concerns of the students.

«We need to make sure that our voices are heard,» said Beverly Nektalov and Odelia Aronbayiev.

A special award was presented to State Senator Serf Maltese for sponsoring the two–day trip. State Senator Maltese shared his feelings that young people need to be exposed to the workings of government and its unique challenges.

«In Albany, all types of nationalities come together as one to lead our government. As Bukharian Jewish members of the larger Jewish community, we need to be more involved,» said Larisa Abrakhaimov.

The young women were treated to a special one–hour, private meeting with John Maggiore, head of public policy for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. After explaining the role of the New York State Attorney General\'s Office, Mr. Maggiore took questions from the students. Mr. Maggiore was impressed to see how informed the students were in regard to the mortgage crisis, crime, and transportation issues.

Reflecting on the two–day trip–which included a tour of the Capitol building, meetings with elected officials, a tour of Capital News 9, and other activities–Alina Borukhov and Ora Meirav stated that, «we are truly thankful for a most wonderful trip to Albany. We were inspired to take on leadership roles in our community. We appreciate the dedication Rabbi Hecht has for our community.»

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