Queens Gymnasia Celebrates the Graduation of 73 Eighth Graders
Образование | Гимназия Квинса

Thirty–six boys and thirty seven girls graduated from the eighth grade of Queens Gymnasia on Sunday, June 17th. This third graduating class was the largest in the history of the Gymnasia, which opened for the Bukharian Jewish Community of Queens in 2004, under the financial leadership of Mr. Lev Leviev. The commencement exercises were held at the Bukharian Community Center on 70th Avenue in Forest Hills in the beautiful third floor auditorium.

At 3:00 p.m. Rabbi David Levin, Principal of the Boys\' Upper Division, introduced the class name by name as the young men of the eighth grade began their processional for this important moment in their lives. The students and assembled parents were honored to be addressed by HaRav Itzkhak Yehoshua, Chief Rabbi of the Bukharian Community, who was inspiring in his charge to the graduates and the parents. Mr. Boris Kandov, President of the Bukharian Jewish Congress and Mr. Rafael Nektalov, Editor of the Bukharian Times also took part in the program, emphasizing the debt of gratitude that we all owe to Mr. Lev Leviev for providing this opportunity for excellence in yeshiva and general education for the Bukharian community in Queens.

Selected students introduced the various presentations, two by two, with one speaking in English and one in Russian so everyone would understand and enjoy the proceedings. Mr. Avi Strulson, the new General Studies Principal of the High School, addressed the audience and students with plans for next year in our growing high school and introduced Nison Koenov, Salutatorian in both Judaic and General Studies. Rabbi Levin then introduced Sion Siyonov, Valedictorian in both Judaic and General Studies. Both young men spoke beautifully about their academic growth as well as their friendships and wonderful memories of their years in Queens Gymnasia so far, and about their hopes and dreams for the future including their next four years as high school students at the Gymnasia, including one portion in Hebrew.

Other awards were given for Growth in Torah to Roei Avhar, Avraham Rubinov, and Netaniel Yusupov, and for Mishmar Learning, dedication to Torah Study after school, to Zohar Babayev, Avraham Khalilov, Gabriel Khalilov, Albert Ishakbayev, and Nison Zavulunov. The School Spirit award was presented to David Tammari for taking the initiative to start an ad hoc basketball team for the school, with his father, Mr.Moshe Maoz, who volunteered as coach for the team. (Next year Queens Gymnasia will field varsity and junior varsity basketball teams for boys and girls, please G–d.)

Each student was called to receive his diploma and a special gift of Sefer Tehillim, Psalms, which we hope will be their companion along with their Siddur, all through life. After the very meaningful ceremonies the families and students enjoyed a lovely collation.

Later in the afternoon, at 5:00 p.m. the girls\' graduation began. A slide show of the girls as babies and as the wonderful young women that they have become was presented as the girls entered the auditorium and proceeded to their seats in the front. Selected students of the class conducted the program, introducing each speaker in his or her turn. Mr. Strulson also addressed the girls and their parents about the high school program that is developing for the coming years, and presented the General Studies Salutatorian, Violetta Domatova and the Valedictorian, Jane Yusupov, while Mrs. Cynthia Levin, Head of School, recognized the Judaic Studies Salutatorian, Sarit Kandov and Valedictorian, Sonya Shamalov. Mrs. Levin addressed the girls and parents on their important role in the future of the Jewish People as Partners with Hashem! Rabbi Levin was invited to present two awards; Sheva Musheyeva and Julia Kushmakova received awards for their Middot Tovot. Zoya Abrakhamova was recognized as Student of the Year. Mrs. Sari Aminov, Principal of the Girls\' Upper Division, addressed the girls encouraging them to realize their great potential and capability in all respects–academically, socially and especially spiritually, and she presented the Growth in Torah Award to Anetta Koltun, who internalized so much the Torah lessons and values that she was taught–recognizing the Emet and taking it upon herself to live that truth in her life.

The girls each received a beautiful white Siddur with Tehillim, engraved with her name, as well as her diploma, as she was called up for this concluding honor. We know that they will use the Siddurim well.

We look forward to seeing great success in every way from the 73 graduates as they continue through high school at the Queens Gymnasia and further in yeshivot, seminaries and universities, pursuing growth in Torah and in their professions, becoming leaders in the Jewish community of the future!

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