Celebration of success. Leadership awards of 2009
Конгресс бухарских евреев США и Канады | Общественные организации

On June 24, 2009, The Jewish Child Care Association, aka JCCA and Association of Bukharian Jewish Youth of the USA “Achdut Unity,” hosted a formal dinner award ceremony at the King David restaurant for those who successfully completed the “Kalontar” Leadership program. In addition, young members were honored for their outstanding performance, commitment, contribution to the Bukharian Jewish community, and for their support in uniting the Bukharian Jewish Youth.

Our special guest speakers included: Boris Kandov, President of Bukharian Congress; David Mallach, Managing Director of the Commission on the Jewish People at UJA Federation; Debby Perelmuter, Vice- President of Services in the Jewish community for JCCA; Rena Yelizarova, a reporter for Menora newspaper; and Albert Cohen, a contender to New York City Council, who were all invited to applaud the youth in recognition for their contribution, as well as share their insights on leadership, and encourage the youth to grow and evolve further.

 A warm welcome and an opening speech came from Bella Zelkin, Coordinator of the Services in the Jewish community of the JCCA. Mrs. Zelkin was proud to announce the first year of the collaborating JCCA and Achdut-Unity. A graduation ceremony was held, and twelve participants received an award on behalf of JCCA and Achdut- Untiy for successful completion of the “Kalontar” leadership program: David Abayev, Lyudmila Alishayeva, Katerina Murdakhayeva, Margarita Murdakhayeva, Peter Pinkhasov, Aron Pirov, Imanuel Rybakov, Bezalel Shakarov, Natalie Shakarov, Alex Yadgarov, Artur Yusupov, and Lilianna Zulunova. Everybody proudly applauded as members received their award of recognition.

Mrs. Zelkin who conducted the Kalontar Leadership program for the whole year was glad for her bright group. In them she saw a strong potential for becoming influential future leaders. In fact, given the short time together, the group has initiated a program called “Hazanut,” which would be led by Ezra Malakov, a talented singer who is knowledgeable in blending the Bukharian melodies with the Jewish prayers. The program would enable Hazanim to train and develop their vocal voice and their confidence in combining the cultural Bukharian tunes with Hebrew prayers.

 David Mallach spoke about the importance of leadership in America. He said that young people should not be afraid to be leaders and should strive for making a difference in their community. Every obstacle that a person might face makes him or her stronger, experienced and influential. Mr. Malach mentioned that it is never too late to be a leader, because leaders are always in demand.

 The youth members enjoyed their dinner while listening to the guest speakers. The menu included: a range of appetizers, various exotic salads, a delectable Goshgija, chunks of grilled chicken with delicious fries, authentic Bukharian meal “Palov,” as well as an assortment of fruits, including melon, watermelon, and raspberries was served for dessert.

Boris Kandov praised every active member for taking part and encouraged every individual to continue to strive for leadership positions within the community. The community was developed for our youth because the youth is the driving force of the future of the Buk - harian community.

Mrs. Yelizarova congratulated everyone for their accomplishments. She is proud that after being in the United States for only 15 years, the youth of the Bukharian community is professionally and educationally thriving and are growing into leadership positions. Albert Cohen is a prime model of this. Mrs. Yelizarova concluded her speech with pride and confidence in the fact, that the Bukharian youth are talented individuals and can undertake any task. The accomplishment that we have succeeded in is just a stepping stone to more opportunities.

Mr. Albert Cohen was welcomed to share his vision and invited the youth to take part in the vision. Mr. Cohen is taking a step in the right direction today, for the better tomorrow. He said, “A community begins with one person. If one person takes a step towards what is right, we will all move forward.”

Debby Perelmuter was glad to see that the youth has invested their time in learning to lead and in broadening the future of the Jewish community. Mrs. Pearlmuter encouraged the youth with her “Yes, You Can” at titude and explained thees - sence of a leader. Mrs. Perelmuter said, “A leader begins to develop a voice by educating himself, and soon your voices will be louder and grow stronger and eventually you will become advocates of your own community.” On behalf of the JCCA leadership program, Mrs. Perelmuter congratulated the honorees for stepping up to a critical challenge in leadership, and with hopes they will continue to grow, remain actively involved and influence others.

As leaders, they can’t be afraid to initiate. They must be bold and stand out in making a difference, and great things will follow.

Achdut Unity is known for its educational and cultural programs. Its foundation was designed to make it possible for the Bukharian youth to be unified while preserving and appreciating their cultural roots. Youth Association “Achdut” collaborated with American Jewish organizations. The “Kalontar” program is a good example of the successful collaboration with JCCA, one of the oldest Jewish organizations which has existed since1822 and is recognized for the high quality of its work.

A tremendous recognition goes out to the youth for their hard work, and their participation in making it possible for the Bukharian youth to be unified. The ceremony was proud to announce Achdut-Unity accomplishments. It was the 3rd anniversary of the “Achdut- Unity” Youth Edition of the Bukharian Times, the 7th anniversary of the Youth Association, as well as the celebration of the BJews.com website’s 10th anniversary.

One of the pioneers of the youth movement of our community, the Vice President of Achdut, Peter Pinkhasov spoke at length about the beginning and growth phases of Achdut and its establishment. He said that it all began with creation of the website BukharianJews. com that was designed to provide virtual meeting place for Bukharian Jews. In its forum, the website brought together people with different views, but they all had the same idea: to do something for the benefit of our community. That idea led to the first Youth Conference, which was held in June of 2002. Soon after, a group of young activists was formed and created the Association of Bukharian Jewish Youth of the USA “Achdut-Unity”.

 Today, Achdut is a very successful organization with over 500 members. It organizes cultural and educational programs, including classes of Bukharian Jewish language, Hebrew classes, picnics, lectures and talk shows.

It has its own publication, Achdut-Unity, on the pages of The Bukharian Times, and even its own music band. Peter said that Achdut is very proud to work with the UJA, JCCA and the Bukharian Jewish Congress and hopes that the cooperation will continue to grow. In conclusion, he expressed his appreciation to all Achdut members, without whom this success would not have been possible.

On behalf of the Congress of Bukharian Jews of the USA and Canada, Boris Kandov together with Imanuel Rybakov, President of the Youth Association of Achdut-Unity, and Bella Zelkin, Coordinator of the Services in the Jewish community of the JCCA, proudly presented and distributed certificates of merit to youth members who are actively involved within the community.

Peter Pinkhasov, a youth member activist, and a founder of www.BJews.com, was recognized for his contribution. Thanks to Mr. Pinkhasov, the website encompasses useful information about the Bukharian Jewish history, ethnicity, dating services, events, music, picture galleries and much more, which enabled the Bukharian youth to unite.

A special recognition went to Ilya Borukhov, Artur Mulokandov, Yosef Munarov and Daniel Pinkhasov for their community support and being activist youth members. The editorial committee, David Abayev, Lyudmila Alishayeva, and Zina Babayev, was awarded certificates of appreciation for outstanding reporting on the Bukharian Times, Achdut Unity Youth Edition, of the community publication and for being active members.

Miss Alishayeva was honored to be recognized and said, “My fellow members and I would also like to offer a heartfelt thank you to Bella Zelkin for conducting the Kalontar meetings which gave us a chance to socialize, analyze and grow. Over these past few months, I’ve met amazing people from all walks of life, thanks to you.”

Michael Yakubov was also honored and received an award of recognition. He was asked to share his thoughts in front of the community leaders and his peers. He said, “I am glad to be an active member of Achdut-Unity and enjoy being part of the Bukharian community. I contribute as much as I can, and I am looking forward to contributing in the future.” Lastly, Mr. Kandov was honored and personally congratulated Imanuel Rybakov for his exceptional leadership, and his tremendous community support.

Special thanks go to UJAFederation for providing funds for the program, JCCA for their knowledge in developing leaders of tomorrow, Achdut- Unity for initiating the Leadership program in the community, and the youth participants who were involved in the program.

If you’re interested in taking a step towards leadership direction and in making the future of tomorrow a better place, or if you’re interested in developing or honing your leadership skills, get involved and let us help you reveal your talent. Various open volunteer positions are available in connection with leadership and community opportunities.


To find out how you can get involved, contact Ima nuel Rybakov at:
(718)896-2623 or
visit: www.BJews.com to view the entire event that was photographed by Roman Rybakov.

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Celebration of success. Leadership awards of 2009:

On June 24, 2009, The Jewish Child Care Association, aka JCCA and Association of Bukharian Jewish Youth of the USA “Achdut Unity,” hosted a formal dinner award ceremony...

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