New Youth Center Opens In Kew Gardens Hills
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Jewish Child Care Associ ation (JCCA) partners with local community to establish afterschool program for Ortho dox youth in Queens

 (New York, NY) On June 5th, 2009, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens to celebrate the opening of The Center for Youth in Kew Gardens Hills, a new program of Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA). The Center is an afterschool program for Orthodox Jewish young men, aged 14-19, who live and attend schools and yeshivas in this neighborhood of Central Queens. Students, JCCA and The Center staff, rabbis, leaders of the community, and local officials were in attendance.

The purpose of The Center for Youth in Kew Gardens Hills is to create a “safe space” for young men to relax, mix with peers, share concerns, and receive guidance and mentoring from an experienced rabbi/social worker and volunteers who serve as mentors and role models. Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld said, “We recognized that these young men needed a place to congregate in a protected environment in which they could receive counseling and support, gain direction, and learn new skills from positive role models. We are grateful to have this invaluable service in our community.”

 Richard Altman, CEO of JCCA, noted, “JCCA’s extensive experience in an afterschool environment with teenagers and you ng adults and our strong commitment to providing services to the Jewish community gave us a strong incentive creating this im portant program.” Services offe red include career guidance, job coaching, GED and SAT preparation, organized sports, recreational outings, internships, and health and substance abuse education and counseling. Cyn thia Zalisky, Executive Director of the Queens Jewish Community Council said, “There was an ex traordinary consensus in the com munity to develop this much-needed program. The Cen ter was created through collaboration with our local rabbis, lay leaders, Yeshiva principals, and the Que ens Jewish Community Council, along with JCCA.”

 Jewish Child Care Associ a ti on (JCCA) is a comprehensive child and family services agency. We work with those who need us most, including children who ha ve been neglected or abused, im migrant Jewish families, and tho se building new lives. Most of our clients come to us because they struggle with poverty or family cri ses, and because they are working to create an independent future. JCCA helps more than 12,000 children and families eve ry year and is consistently rated at the highest levels for the quality of our programs. In all our work, we are motivated by tikkun olam, the value within Jewish tradition that calls upon all of us to repair the world, and by our belief that eve ry child deserves to grow up hopeful.

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