A Perfect Picnic Day
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This past Memorial Day, the weather was beautiful. The sun was beaming. The birds were chirping. It was a perfect day for a pe rfect barbecue pi cnic. Over 100 Buk harian Jewish youth gathered for an an nual picnic at Chri stopher Marley Park in Long Is land, exit 36. The Annual Me morial Day Picnic was or ganized by ACHDUT, BJOY and One Heart with a grant from the UJA Federation.

Everyone started to gather around 10 am. and the fun lasted almost until the sundown. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. The children played hide and seek, splashed wa ter balloons, and rode their bicycles. Mean while, adults were busy with different card ga mes, backgammon, vo l leyball, soccer, football, and more. The day was teeming with laughter and happiness.

 The food was delicious and boy was there a lot of it. If you wanted shish kebab, samsa, corn on the cob or just plain grilled tomatoes, they had it all. And, to top that off, they even had palov made on wood fire or, "oshton". By the end of the picnic, not a single plate was left. That's how tasty everything was!

This was my first time attending this kind of picnic and I can tell you one thing for sure, it will not be my last. A big thank you to all the organizers for making this event possible. By: Lilianna ZULUNOVA

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