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On Sunday, March 27, 2007, the Association of Bukharian Jewish Youth of the USA «ACHDUT–UNITY» organized another trip to the Bukharian Jewish Museum located in Bukharian Jewish Queens Gymnasia. Below is a reflection by one of the visitors.

Being born into a family who observes many Bukharian traditions, I felt that I can still learn something from my visit to the Bukharian Jewish Museum. From kazan to degirak to Joma, this museum holds a vast amount of pieces on the culture, traditions, and home life of Bukharian Jews.

An interesting aspect of our heritage is the way food was stored back in the day. Bukharians did not have refrigerators; they actually stored their meat outside in a large pan that stood on the cold ground. A heavy metal cover was used to protect the food and keep animals from lifting it. These days we can\'t think of surviving without a refrigerator, but our ancestors found an ingenious ways to preserve their food. That alone can teach us a great deal.

In addition, it was interesting to view an iron that worked without electricity. Basically, it was hollow and made out of cast iron. Inside it was placed hot charcoal and that made bottom metal plate hot enough to iron. The iron itself is heavy and the process of ironing clothes must have felt like an excises.

In this day and age, especially where Bukharian youngsters want to act, talk, and feel American, they rapidly forget about their culture and traditions. They should be reminded of the life that was led by their grandparents and their ancestors. Unity and family values are a very important aspects of our identity, that is why we thrive for so long and continue our wonderful traditions. I would recommend this trip to any Bukharian Jew who wishes to learn more about his/her culture.

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