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The Queens Synagogue Mikveh is the oldest Mikveh in Queens. It was built in 1957 and has been serving the community since that time.

With the passage of time, the building needed a major renovation. Reb. Batia Yehoshua, along with a group of active women, took the challenge and renovated the Mikveh.

A dedicated group of volunteers has organized many events including: Chinese auctions, mailings, small auctions, Torah classes, parties, and more. These women include Pnina Samuels, Lidya Kandchorov, Naomi Meirov, Shoshana Levi, Bella Matatov, Bella Yakubov, Rivka Meirov Rina Gilkarov, Angela Meirov, Sigi Nissanov, Malka Sulimanov. Women, from all over Queens, graciously and most generously hosted the auctions in their homes or shuls such as Zoya Meirov, Miriam Sulimanov, Rachel Matayev, Victoria Ilyabayev, Esther Babekov, Sara Samekhov, Sveta Barayev, Larisa Nisanov, Angela Borokhov, Alla Yakubov, Zina Khaimov, and Mira Nasimov.

We were able to collect $70,000 after paying for our regular daily expanses.

It took us years of preparation, and endless arrangements to begin renovations. Thank G–d, in June 2008, we started the reconstruction. We chose a professional and caring contractor, Mr. Baruch Abargel, who took care of all the building issues and paid close attention to the halachic issues involving in building the Mikveh.

We had to restructure the entire Mikveh .The job was done under strict rabbinic supervision. This project included the reconfiguring of the plumbing, the electric system, the waterproofing of all the borot and mikvaot, and the embellishing of the rooms with beautiful new tiles, tubs, showers, facilities, new doors, air conditioning, etc.

As the Gemarah states, building is always more expensive than originally planned. As we entered the final stages of completing this project, our expenses exceeded $150,000, for the exterior and interior of the building, as well as the accommodations for parking.

Your generous donations are needed now more than ever.

A contribution of $500 will entitle you to have your name placed on the plaque of the mikveh.

A contribution of $1,000 will entitle you to have a dedication on the plaque of the mikveh in memory of a loved one, in addition to your name.

A contribution of $5,000 will entitle you to dedicate one of the preparation rooms in honor or memory of a loved one.

A contribution of $10,000 will entitle you to dedicate one of the mikvaot (Mikveh pools) in honor or memory of a loved one.

We would like to extend our deep appreciation to our generous contributors and our heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped in fundraising. In the merit of your support for this important cause may Hashem bless you and your family with health and happiness till a hundred and twenty years.

For information, or questions, please call Rebbetzin Batia Yehoshua, President of the Women\'s Committee at (718)544–3311.

Please make your checks payable to Queens Synagogue Mikveh: 68–01 Harrow St. Forest Hills, NY. 11375

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