Махон Академи–2006
Образование | Махон Академи

21 июня 2006 г. состоялся выпуск учащихся Bais Yaakov Machon Academy. Это учебное заведение является женской High School и уже в течение многих лет дает образование девочкам нашей общины. Нынешний выпуск был 15–м. Из сотен выпускников школы свыше 95% продолжили учебу в колледжах, где получили квалификацию в различных сферах деятельности.

On Wednesday night June 21, 2006 was the graduation of Bais Yaakov Machon Academy. This school is a girl's high school that has been educating the girls of our community for many years.This was the 15th graduating class of Machon.

The graduation was a very beautiful affair, with the students making the majority of speeches. What was special to see was, that besides all of the awards and presents the graduates received, was the strong feelings of the graduates to Machon.

Many of the students speeches focused on how special the school is and what a great impact it made on them and their lives. The valedictorian, Dora Ariyeva, spoke about how her years in the school has really prepared her for life. Not only by giving her a great education, and preparing her for college, but by showing her that Torah is the wisdom for a successful life.

The salutatorian, Dina Normatova, spoke about how the younger generation faces many challenges between t h e i r Bukharian pride and their respect for their parents, and the values of modern A m e r i c a and the realities of peer pressure in public high s c h o o l s . She went to y e s h i v a because her grandmother saw this conflict, and saw many falling of the right path of life. Her grandmother just wanted to reinforce traditional Bukharian values. «But I learned much more than that — I learned the beauty of our traditions and the beauty of Torah» she said.

Rabbi Young, the principal, spoke about what the true heritage of the Bukharian community really is. He said that until just a few generations ago every Bukharian Jew was religious and kept Shabbat and kashrut. It was only at the end of Stalin\'s life, that he began to apply all the anti–Semitic laws of Russia to the Bukharians and began persecute the Jews of Central Asia. After the rabbis were sent to Siberia, the synagogues were closed and Stalin forced the Jews to stop keeping Torah. «Bukharian Jews that don\'t keep Shabbat — that is what Stalin created, this is his legacy» he said.« Bukharian food and music is delicious and wonderful, but that is only a small fraction of the true Bukharian heritage».

All of the graduates are continuing their education in colleges and seminaries. Of the hundreds of Machon graduates over the past 15 years, over 95% have gone to college. They have received degrees in many fields and many of them are married. There are hundreds of young families of Machon graduates. Registration for the 2006 — 2007 school year is now going on.

Call the school office for more information; 718–658–1862.

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