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Queens Gymnasia has grown from a small school of 65 students in Kindergarten to Second Grade, five years ago, to an institution of more than 600 students in Grades Kindergarten to Ten, with eleven and twelve to be added in the next two years. Our program includes enrichment and honors programs for capable students from fourth grade and up as well as remedial support to children who need assistance in keeping up with the challenging and stimulating academic program. Advanced science and math along with literacy activities challenge the capable students and keep them growing. Individually paced computer assisted learning provides Kindergarten through 5th graders with work on their own level, moving them up as they are able. Computer technology, art and gym (including our own bowling alley) help the students grow in all areas, supporting a healthy mind and body. Students go on field trips to broaden their horizons and expand on what they learn in the four walls of the school.

Our Judaic Studies department offers the students the opportunity to learn more about our Jewish heritage and appreciate it: reading, writing and speaking in Hebrew, understanding our past and our future and the important role that our children have as a key link in the chain of our people and our traditions. Shabbatonim and field trips also round out the students\' Jewish life experience to make this all real and valuable. Next year we will be introducing new Hebrew language programs to further enhance the Hebrew language accomplishments of our students.

We thank all the parents who have entrusted their children to us as partners in the most important project of all–education of the next generation of our Jewish community. Our mission is to provide the programs that will build committed Jews and successful American citizens.

A satisfied parent explains the great benefits to her children in the education they receive from the Queens Gymnasia.

Head of School Cindy LEVIN


Watching my children grow up by each day is a wonderful experience that I share with the Jewish Institute of queens' everyday. I would like to thank Mr. Lev Leviyev for helping us, send out children to such a great Yeshiva, where they can learn subjects such as Chumash, Parsha, Navi, Ivrit and many more. Also they learn English subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Mr. Leviyev has helped us so much; he made it easier for us to afford sending out kids to private school. A couple of things I really like about this school is the great education. The teachers in the Queens Gymnasia are amazing. They make sure that the kids understand what they are learning and they keep their grades up. Another thing I like about this school is they learn about who they are and where they came from. They daven every morning and slowly start to keep Shabbat, kosher and many of the Jewish holidays. I am very glad that I have decided to send my kids to the Jewish Institute of Queens.

Благородная миссия:

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Celebration of success. Leadership awards of 2009:

On June 24, 2009, The Jewish Child Care Association, aka JCCA and Association of Bukharian Jewish Youth of the USA “Achdut Unity,” hosted a formal dinner award ceremony...

Встреча поколений:

Интересное, удивительное событие произошло 17 июня 2009 года в НьюЙорке. Во всяком случае, для наших авлодов: Некталовых, Исхакбаевых, Хаимовых, Галибовых, Фузайловых...


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